Retul Bike Fit Session

Retül Bike Fit Service

Proper fit is the most important component of any bike. Schedule a professional bike fitting and experience new levels of comfort and performance.

What to expect from your bike fitting:

Pre-fit questionnaire:

Sent to you to fill out and return before we meet. I will then review and prepare for your fitting. I want to make sure you receive the most pointed and specific information about your needs during your fitting.

Pre-fit analysis:

Starts with a discussion about your answers to the questionnaire. Next is a series of anatomy and flexibility measurements. Along with evaluating foot structure, rotation, flexion, arch, and forefoot angle, knee position, leg length comparison, sit bone width, shoulder width, arm reach/angle and spinal curve. We then use a motion capture video to view and evaluate your position on the bike.

Bike adjustments:

The information attained is used to fit your bike to you to achieve maximal efficiency, comfort, and performance as desired. Discuss necessary changes to saddle height, fore/aft, and tilt position, stem length, height and angle, handlebar position, foot/cleat position. Taken into account is your torso & pelvis angle. Make sure your hands, arms, shoulders, and neck positions are in line with your needs.

Equipment changes:

Identifying where it's essential or recommended and why.

Common items changed or upgraded include:

Cycling footbeds to support your foot's natural arches ($30) Saddle to support your sit bone width (wide range of choices and prices) Gel padding/bar tape with road bikes to increase comfort with hands/shoulders ($20-40) Stem to optimize upper body position ($40+) Less common are shoes, pedals & handlebars


My goal is for you to leave your fitting with a higher level of awareness of your body & bike relationship. I will educate you during the bike fit process to help you understand not just why we made changes but how to utilize your position going forward. Exercise/workout advice: Off and on bike exercises to improve efficiency or to correct limitations.

  • Pricing
  • Current Bike ($200.00)
  • (expect 2 to 2.5 hours)
  • *Fitting at Scotts Valley Cycle Sport